Friday, 8 July 2016


So it's coming up to 5 weeks injured, and to be honest I've mostly been upbeat, with the occasional blip. I pride myself on being positive, dealing with the hand you have been dealt and cracking on. I was given the go ahead to cross train around 3.5 weeks ago, and lets just say I hit it hard, too hard most likely.  I got advice from many fellow athletes, who have all been so lovely and helpful throughout this, reminding me how great out sport really is, even when the big dogs try and ruin it, and got down to business.


Saturday, 18 June 2016


Mindfulness is something which I myself have had to practice over the years, I am an over thinker, I am a laid back person but an over thinker for sure.  Learning how to be mindful is something which has helped me greatly, especially through the tough dips on my journey. Mindfulness is basically your consciousness, and therefore will be different for everyone, but this blog post is to demonstrate what mindfulness means to me, and how I actively try to use it day to day. (pay attention to word try - I'm not saying I live this wishy washy fairytale life, I am just trying to appreciate what is around me and what i have).


Monday, 13 June 2016

A distraction

So here I am awake at an hour I would not normally see, I can't sleep, a million thoughts running through my mind, the same thoughts that have kept me awake at unearthly hours for the past week.  Thoughts that I am constantly trying not to focus on - when I simplify it, I know it is just the irrational part of the mind trying with all its power to bring the rational part down. Today is different though, 11 hours from now I have a Doctors appointment to discuss further what is actually happening with my achillies, get some clear cut answers and make a plan going forward. I wont lie I'm pretty terrified.


Thursday, 9 June 2016

Why are you here?

Injuries whether we like it or not are unfortunately inevitable. Within elite sport we put ourself at a much higher risk of injury due to the nature of what we are trying to achieve, day in day out we test our limits and put our bodies through a lot to get there. Athletics is one of those sports where, you could be absolutely flying, winning races, getting Personal Bests and then one day in one split second it can all come crashing down. We are basically walking a tight rope without a harness, we may stay on and reach our goal, but we may come crashing down. Unfortunately for me I crashed. (but only temporarily, nothing is forever)

We are basically walking a tight rope, 
without a harness, 
we may stay on and reach our goal, 
but we may come crashing down.

Training in Font Romeu in April.

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