Saturday, 18 June 2016


Mindfulness is something which I myself have had to practice over the years, I am an over thinker, I am a laid back person but an over thinker for sure.  Learning how to be mindful is something which has helped me greatly, especially through the tough dips on my journey. Mindfulness is basically your consciousness, and therefore will be different for everyone, but this blog post is to demonstrate what mindfulness means to me, and how I actively try to use it day to day. (pay attention to word try - I'm not saying I live this wishy washy fairytale life, I am just trying to appreciate what is around me and what i have).

Mindfulness for me:

  • Creating gaps in my day to ground myself with healthy habits, making room and enjoying the little things (writing, walking my dog, spending times with loved ones, reading books)

  • Writing things down  - reflecting and listening to my inner voice, that is sometimes squashed by the chaos. Dawson Trotman once said "thoughts detangle themselves when they pass through lips and fingertips"  With this injury, my mind is always trying to race through hundreds of thoughts and feelings. Writing allows me to remind myself that at the end of the day - it will all be okay.

Thoughts detangle themselves 
when they pass through lips and fingertips.

  • Being completely engaged with the here and now. Stopping to enjoy the view. Trying to focus on what is in front of me and to stop trying to predict the future.

  • Taking time to relax and balance the mind, with yoga and mediation. Mediation is one of the most powerful tools out there, it has helped with my overthinking massively and helps me balance my thoughts.

  • Creating my own reality, doing what I want to do, and to not react by circumstances around me. Living the life of my dreams.

  • Taking care of my body through exercise, being aware of how I am feeling. This is the hardest one for me right now, I am allowed to Aqua Jog now and I am trying my best to appreciate it, and even though it is inevitable - I am trying to stop the craving of running, and enjoy the fact that I can exercise, taking each day as it comes.

Not contracting or hiding from the fear of the unknown 
but expanding through love, 
joy and adventure

  • Lastly enjoying every precious moment, not contracting or hiding from the fear of the unknown but expanding through love, happiness and adventure, and riding this wave of life with happiness and gratitude.
Watching the sunset on Huntington Beach

** If you want to start being more mindful, there is a great app called 'headspace'. Try the 10 day free trial and see if it is for you **


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