Friday, 8 July 2016


So it's coming up to 5 weeks injured, and to be honest I've mostly been upbeat, with the occasional blip. I pride myself on being positive, dealing with the hand you have been dealt and cracking on. I was given the go ahead to cross train around 3.5 weeks ago, and lets just say I hit it hard, too hard most likely.  I got advice from many fellow athletes, who have all been so lovely and helpful throughout this, reminding me how great out sport really is, even when the big dogs try and ruin it, and got down to business.

Is there a thing as cross training too hard? I'm not sure... but whether I like it or not, my body couldn't quite handle what I was throwing at it, and maybe  most likely looking back I was pushing myself too much, coupled with the emotional stress of wanting team mates to achieve their Olympics dreams at the British Champs, my body couldn't cope. To cut out the long boring bits, I ended up in hospital on an IV drip, and really wasn't in a good way, with a variety of drugs being pumped through my veins, and this is how it stayed for 36 hours, I was being treated for dehydration and Quincy (don't google it, you'll thank me) involving needles being stuck down my throat...beautiful. Unfortunately this set back resulted in another week of absolutely no exercise, only this time to be honest I didn't actually want to do anything, I was very low, feeling very sorry for myself and basically didn't want to do anything with anyone. For the first time throughout this I was annoyed at my body..... annoyed at myself, how could I have done this to myself? why couldn't my body cope? What could go wrong next? Once I came off the medication I did start to feel much better and along with regaining some structure with cross training, and some good physio appointments I felt back at my best and continued onwards with the plan.

Today at 17.15 I should have been competing in the European Championships in the 1500m, it's a bitter pill to swallow, thinking of what could have been etc etc etc, and will be hard to watch, but surely this is part of the bigger picture, the desire, the fight, the challenge and hopefully the joy of getting back to my best.  And hey nearly as big as the Europeans I RAN....yup ran...on the alter G... but still I ran.
As weird as it sounds I've been trying to enjoy this setback as much as I can... would I rather be in Amsterdam and Rio?...absolutely! But I'm not and I won't be, so I need to enjoy this struggle and see it as part of my athletics journey... when I'm 50 will I dwell back on this moment and wish I'd done things differently? To be honest, I hope I don't even care, I'd like to think that regardless of what happens now I'll be happy in the future, that isn't to say that my running and succeeding at my running doesn't mean the world to me, it does, more than it probably should, but I am also well aware that it isn't the only thing, and it isn't the only thing that makes me happy... but for now though i'll get back to cross training like a crazy person and look forward to incorporating more running on land and Alter G over the next 2 weeks, and hoping that along with this I gain the feeling back in my bum.

even harder when trying to take a selfie

For anyone who needs some ideas for cross training or just simply wants a nose, i'll put below a typical (slightly less mad) cross training week. This plus lots of rehab, circuits, foot drills, foot balance,
mobility and core.

Monday - 
AM. Arc trainer 
PM. Aqua Jog session10 min WU / 6 X [90s(15)60s(15)30s(15)] / 7 x 60s (10s) / 6 x 30(10) `(15s arms up)

Tuesday - 
AM. Easy Bike
PM. Watt Bike session -  10 WU / 4 X [30(15)1(15)90(15)2(30)2(30)90(30)1(15)30] / 10 WD

Wednesday -
AM Arc trainer
PM Steady Bike 

Thursday - 
AM Aqua Jog session 10 WU / 2 X [6 X 2(20) 30(10) / 10 WD
PM Easy Bike. 

Friday -
AM. 10 min WU Bike. ALTER G - 4 x 5 min (7.20) 80% body weight. 25min bike (including 15 minutes of 90 steady, 30 fast) 10 min WD bike. 
PM. Easy Bike 

Saturday - 
AM. Bike session 15 WU / 5 X 2 (20s,1min) 5 x 90s (15s/1min) 5 x 1 (10s,1min) 10 x 30 (10s) 15 WD

Sunday - 


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